News : External Operations

External Operations

  • Fabricating a floating Pipe for dredger

Suez shipyard fabricated a floating Pipe for dredger, which participate in the great nation project   (Digging The New Suez Canal) for Suez Canal Authority S.C.A. With Total length 74 meters and 350 Ton.

    – As Suez shipyard fabricated 17 of high pressure pipes, which made of steel 37 with 850 mm dia. – 12 m length

   – In addition to these pipes, our company also fabricated 34 of low pressure pipes made of steel 37 with 850 mm dia. – 12 m length beside pipes of 750 mm dia and 600 mm dia.

  • Under construction

  – Suez shipyard working in Floating pipe carrier for these pipes needed 80 pipe with 850 mm dia and 10.5 m length with 14 Ton for each one .




  • Renew and restore power transformers room

      11 kV at Port Tewfik shipyard.





  • Building the workshop of fiberglass at Port Tewfik shipyard.
  • Renew of Canal Clading east and west of Ismailia area.