Safety & Quality

Company and Environment

Suez shipyard comply with the Egyptian Law for environment  Law No. 4 /1994.

Suez Shipyard activities considered as one of clean activities its friendship for environment , there no dangerous or polluted remainders and the company covered with internal net for industrial remainders connected to the main net.

Petroleum residuals delivered to a petroleum company for chemical treatment.

Special committee control and assure the compliance with law of environmental plan. To keep environment clean against pollution.

Safety Facilities

Fire protection :

  • The company covered with fire resistance net connected to main to the main fire resistance of the town.
  • The company has 2 portable fire pump with discharge capacity 1800 litter \ min for emergency.
  • The company owned fire extinguisher car (Mercedes) equipped with 12 output different diameters , all outputs can used for foam or water.
  • The car equipped with complete 6 sets fire resistance closes and 6 breathing sets.
  • The car equipped with suction pump with discharge capacity 3200 litter / min. and fresh water tank 3 ton capacity.
  • All company covered with portable fire extinguishers with different capacities beside fire boxes.

Safety and Incidents Prevention:-

  • There is a committee for safety and incidents protection to follow up applying safety instruction.
  • The company provides all labors with personnel safety protection equipment (gulfs – safety closes – eye glace – safety shoes).
  • Company submits monthly incentive for safety to motivate all labors to follow safety instructions.
  • The company equipped with modern gas detectors sets to measure and record the daily levels of gases concentration at all locations.
  • The company decreased the L.T.A to minimum levels.

Medical Care:-

  •  The company has a medical clinic equipped with medical instruments to cope with any injuries at work .The Company equipped with 2 Ambulances prepared with all medical aids.
  • The company equipped with a medical car Dept., a doctor and 2 during official and overtime work hours.